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  What's Your #1 Healthy Natural Hair Goal?

Finish this sentence:

At the end of this challenge, I want my hair to be…

Set your hair growth goal and write it on a notecard. Tape this card to your mirror and review it at least once a day.

Having a clear goal will give your direction and a great starting point to compare your final results to.

Photo Treatments

What is a photo treatment btw?

A photo treatment – taking photos to examine and appreciate the look, beauty, and condition of your hair.

I became a HUGE believer of photo treatments after my last hair loss experience. As I trimmed and cut off all dead and damaged ends, I started wet and dry detangling with my fingers. My hair came out even more when using any other method. I was so upset about the hair loss because I didn't really want to cut my hair off again and start over.

Using the techniques in this book helped me get through the difficult days with some effective techniques I still use today (smoothing is the bomb!). Plus, her detangling method stopped my hair from coming out in clumps.

See photos of it (and read my review) here: (The Grow It! Book Review)

To enhance your current detangling practice, watch Chicoro's Finger Dry Detangle Process.

Let's review!

  • Finish this sentence: At the end of this challenge, I want my hair to be…
  • Based on your answer, create your hair goal for our Winter Challenge, and post it on your mirror.
  • Don't forget to take at least 1 hair selfie each week during the challenge! Keeping a photo diary of your progress, is one of the simplest measurements you can use to review the overall growth and health of your hair.
    • It may also save you a 'trim to much' off your ends. Next time you want a trim, take a few photos first, sleep on it, and look at them in the morning. I guarantee you, you'll change your mind! If you are prone to scissor happiness like this naturalista — it can easily save you an inch and a tear or two!